Turner & Deegan

​Turner & Deegan (Bristol, CT)​ - According to the article below, this company was founded in 1894.  We find them listed under Bit Brace manufacturers until 1921.

  • Turner (Wrenches)
  • "Rosedale" // "Edgewood" // "Bristol" (Screwdrivers) (1908)
  • "Handy" // "Rosedale" // "Bristol" // "Victor" (Screwdrivers) (1921)
  • American (Bit Braces) (1908)
  • "Barbers" // "American" (Bit Braces) (1910)

This text below is from "Bristol Connecticut, in the olden time," from the Internet Archive (click the link and click CTRL F, you will then have to search for Deegan to find it on the page)

The individual proprietors of the works are; Messrs. Geo. H.
Turner and Patrick H. Deegan. The business consists of the manufac-
ture of bit braces, screw drivers and other light hardware. 

This enterprise was established in March, 1894, at Forestville,
in the factory known as the old Bit Shop, formerly used for the manu-
facturing of clocks, and located on the Pequabuck River. They con-
tinued business in this factory for about five years, when in the spring
of 1899, March 13, Mr. Deegan, through an accident, received injuries
from which he died, March 20. 

Mr. Turner purchased of the estate Mr. Deegan's interest, continuing the business under the firm's name. During this year Mr. Turner purchased of A. H. Warner & Company their water privilege, located in northern part of the town in the village formerly called Polkville, now called Edgewood, and built a new factory and moved into it November of the same year. This gave them more room which they needed in the manufacturing of their goods, which has developed a demand for their products in all parts of the United States and foreign countries.