Toledo Wrench Company

​Toledo Wrench Co. (Toledo, OH) - Incorporated August 30, 1883.  In March, 1884 they are considering establishing a factory in Indianapolis.  Here is a May, 1909 Machinery write-up on the Duquette chain pipe wrench.

We believe the early wrenches produced by this company were those patented by James Houlehan, but we have yet to discover a definitive link.

EDIT: We have found Mr. Houlehan in the 1885 Toledo City Directory employed as a General Agent for Toledo Wrench Company (See Image below).  We can now say that their early wrenches were of Houlehan's patents.

Maxim A. Duquett Patent #1,043,813 - Chain Pipe Wrench

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Duquett Two Way (Pipe Wrenches)
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1885 Toledo City Directory