Broadbooks Pipe & Bench Vise

The patent date on this vise, seen in examples on, is August 24, 1897, with another patent pending forged text.  The first patent likely applies to Peter Broadbooks Patent #588,712 - Drill Frame.  We were unable to determine the patent pending reference however, Mr. Broadbooks has many tool patents in the surrounding years that are worth looking up. 

Peter Broadbooks Patents from DATAMP


     A complete and efficient bench or pipe vise, having a sliding jaw which is operated by the screw and which is adjustable to any position, is an invention for which Peter Broadbooks, of Batavia, N. Y., has received a patent.

      The fixed jaw is carried by a suitable base. Through the fixed jaw a bar slides, on which a movable jaw is adjustably secured. On the bar, a screw-block is fitted to slide, through the top of which screw-block a screw is threaded. In the fixed jaw a rod is swiveled, which can be bound to a chuck carried on the end of the screw. Thus constructed, the apparatus is an efficient vise designed to be used in the ordinary manner.

       But when it is desired to use this vise for the purpose of gripping pipes, auxiliary pipe-jaws are employed, formed with flanges which are passed over corresponding flanges of the fixed and movable jaws and are held in place by set-screws. These pipe-jaws are made to interlock, that is to say, the one jaw is adapted to pass into a slot formed in the other jaw, so that the elongated teeth formed on each of the jaws may slide past one another and therefore receive pipes of various sizes.

Scientific American,  V84, 16 Feb 1901, pg. 101



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