Atco Wrench Company

(Bloomington, IL) - Took over the Imperial Tool Company on 3/1/1921.  In 1922 (last mention found) William Rouch is listed as President.  Imperial Tool Company is found as early as 1905 in newspapers. 

November, 1915 advertisement from Motor Cycle Illustrated - "Imperial Angle Wrench"

Ransom Y. Bovee Patent #1,205,149 - Wrench - Assigned to Imperial Tool Co. 11/21/1916 (See example image below) "Any Angle" Wrench

Ransom Y. Bovee Patents from Google (many wrenches) 

The 11/21/1912 edition of the New York Times announces the incorporation of the Universal Wrench Company in Newark, N.J.  The incorporators are listed as Russell D. Clancy, Ransom Y. Bovee and Alva A Brown.  We also find Mr. Bovee (among others) named in a lawsuit in 1920 where Universal Wrench Company is named as a Colorado Corporation.

Ransom Y. Bovee Patent #1,002,215 - Wrench - 9/5/1911 - Assigned to Universal Wrench Company of Denver, CO. 

Ransom Y. Bovee Patent #1,133,530 - Wrench - 3/30/1915 - (Not In DATAMP)

Ransom Y. Bovee Patent #1,201,015 - Wrench - 10/10/1916 - (Not In DATAMP)

Ransom Y. Bovee Patent #1,240,171 - Wrench - 9/18/1917 - (Not In DATAMP) 

Image Description: 

Courtesy of Wrenching News, York Auction 2017.  ANY ANGLE WRENCH - PATENT 1916 - LIMA., O. USA / DROP FORGED STEEL - - 8.5" Crescent type adjustable wrench with an adjustable angle head. Mfg. by Atco Wrench Co. and patented by Ramson Bovee 11-21-1916.