Akron Wrench Company

Akron Wrench Company (Akron, OH) - Formed to manufacture J. R. Long patented wrench(s).  Note that this article also documents the production of the John R. Long patented universal double and single swivel vises by Pittsburgh Automatic Vise Co.  Incorporated 8/10/1906 by John R. Long, Walter R. Talbot, William A. Bynder, Oliver A. Sorrick, and Webb William Webb.  Note that just 2 months later the company appears to be being referred to as The J. R. Long Wrench Company.  The announcement was "forecasting" the pending formation of the company.  In the 8/20/1909 edition of The Akron Beacon Journal we find a For Sale advertisement for the equipment of the shop of the former J. R. Long Wrench Company.

The J. R. Long Wrench Co. appears in the 1907 Akron city directory.  Location is reported as East Akron and J. R. Long is Pres., G. C. Himmelman is VP, B. P. Wise is Sec., and M. Hoff is Treas.