Adjustable Wrench & Specialty Manufacturing Company

Adjustable Wrench & Specialty Manufacturing Company (Oshkosh, WI) - Incorporated in IL on May 3, 1904 by P. M. Knippenberg, F. W. Hahn and L. J. Husson.  They produced wrenches based on a patent from 5/12/1903.  Mr. Knippengerg is also President of the Knippenberg Manufacturing Company of Oshkosh, which predominately produces products against the patents of Mssrs. Knippenberg and Husson.

Patent #728,007 by William H. Preston - Wrench - Assigned to Knippenberg

Mr. Knippenberg, as President of Union Food Stores, and along with 8 other officers / board members, was sent to jail for 2 years over mail fraud in 1924.

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Adjustable Wrench Co. Announcement.