Agner, Raymond C. Company

Racine, WI - Incorporated February 8 of 1911 to manufacture the inventions of R. C. Agner, such as the Simplex adjustable spark plug wrench and Simplex grease / oil gun.  Officers at founding are Edward Brook - Pres., Hugh Agner - Sec., George Weiir - Treas., and R. C. Agner - GM.  We did not find a patent for the wrench between 1910 and 1914.  The grease / oil gun was patented in 1909 and plans to build a factory were announced at that time.  Articles of dissolusion were filed 9/18/1920, likely changed their name to the Agner Simplex Company.  Agner Simplex survived (run by Hugh Agner) until at least the 1980's.  It is currently listed in Wisconsin's business registry as dissolved.

1913 article explaining the Simplex Wrench.

Agner grease cup ca. 1913.

  • Simplex (Adjustable Spark Plug Wrench)
  • Agner (Wrenches)

Raymond Agner Patents

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2/8/1911 Notice

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3/3/1960 obituary for R. C. Agner

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