(Elizabeth, NJ) Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • New Century (Screwdrivers)
  • O. K. (Screwdrivers)
  • Ideal (Screwdrivers)
  • Peerless (Screwdrivers)

Braunsdorf and/or Mueller Patents

----- According to Cope's book, founded in 1888 but I've found no information.


I was sorting through an old hex drive pressed steel socket set tonight and realized that one of the handles didn't belong. After cleaning it, I discovered that it's a Braunsdorf-Mueller Company tubular steel double end T/L-handle socket wrench, No. 7, with 1/2" openings on both ends. The hole drilled through the tube near the offset or L-handle service end is for a tommy bar, to turn the tool like a T-handle for the other service end.


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