Reno Bench Vise Company

Detroit, MI - Here is an advertisement from Engineering Mechanics of 9/29/1883This article from August of 1883 thoroughly explains the operation of this vise. 

There are two products in this link from 1884.  One shows the "Seymour Wrench" and one shows the Reno wood clamp.  The article claims they own the patent for the Seymour wrench and are seeking a sutable manufacturer.  Fred H. Seymour Patent #273,170 - DATAMP notes 4 manufacturers: W&B, George W. Marble, Capitol Mfg. Co., Owsley Brothers & Marble.

Here is a history for the company according to "The Clamp Guy" website.

This company also produced the Crispin's Saw Clamp, based on Thomas Crispin Patent #265,761 - Saw Clamp.  An article about the saw clamp can be found the 9/1883 edition of Carpentry & Building.