Monarch (Wrench Works, Tool Works, Wrench Co., and Tool Co)

Monarch Wrench Works / Monarch Tool Works / Monarch Wrench Company / Monarch Tool Company (St. Louis, MO)​ - We find the incorporation announced for the Monarch Tool Company on 10/26/1886 by John H. Peizer, E. L. Hall and L. M. Hall.  By 1905, the Monarch Tool Company is listed as being located in Cincinatti, OH (could be a different company). 

The July 5, 1906 edition of American Machinist shows an advertisements for the Monarch adjustable alligator wrench.  The advertisements notes the wrench is sold by the Monarch Wrench Company, successor to the Monarch Tool Works.  A 1907 advertisement names H. F. Reddig as "manager."

Advertisements show a patent year on the shank of the wrench of 1901.

Advertisement from a 1907 edition of Railway Master Mechanic. (Image 1 Below)