Blue Point / Blue Points Tappet Wrenches

The first Blue Points tappet wrenches show up in the Blue Points 1925 catalog but they were probably made as early as 1922-23. According to the Alloy Artifacts site the Blue Point trademark application was Sept 1923. The Snap on story says they decided to add a line of Open End wrenches and a series of Chisels and Punches, demand continued to increase and the result was the formation of the Blue Point Tool Company. The web Blue Point History site (Snap on tools) says Founded in 1925., following the introduction of the Punches and Chisels, the Tappet Wrench line as added with a set of six double end wrenches. What the cats show: the Blue Points Milwaukee cat shows a set of six. BP25 has a set of 16, as does the SO26. The SO27 drops the T1213 & T1312. So we know the first ones would have these two model numbers. Also the SO26 thru SO1/28 show no markings. The SO29 shows Blue Points inset. Starting in 31 many model numbers were dropped and new ones added. The 33 cat as the last listing for the Txxxx model numbers.
So there are several variations of types. I think I have these in about the correct order of Mfg. but it may be off some. If you have any different types please post a picture. This is a hard one to figure out, but the pieces seem to fit.

Image Description: 

Wrench no. 1: Blue Points name stamped into head with Chicago under BP, has arrows. model number reads No1213 (only made pre 27) This does not have the T in it, but this is may be a error, due to the four digit being in conflict with the reg. wrenches.
Wrench no. 2: Blue Points name in head. Model number has a T. These two would probably date 22-26.

Image 2 Description: 

Wrench no. 3. Blue Points name in head and in the body. Notice that Chicago is below the Blue Points name in the body.
Wrench no. 4. Blue Points name is only in the body. Chicago is still below the name. Model number starts with No these probably would date 26-29

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

Wrench no. 5. Name in body, but the Chicago has been moved to the right of Blue Points. Font is much smaller. The model number font is small, also this one has no T. (this may be a error, or just different makers. (another story)
Wrench no. 6. Name in body, Chicago on right. Model number font is much larger, also has the T. These probably date 26-29

Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

Wrench no. 7. Name is inset into the body. Model number starts with No
Wrench no. 8. Name is inset into body. Font is a little bigger than 7. model number starts with a T. These are probably 29-31

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

Wrench no. 9 Name is now Blue Point inset is gone, but arrows are still there. Has the new model numbers. Dates 30-31.
Wrench no 10 Arrows are gone. Has a 30s model number. probably date 30-32

Image 5: 
Image 6 Description: 

Wrench no 11 The oddball. just Blue Point, model number is not listed in 31-33. I have no clue.

Image 6: 


Here is a photo of my pair of 1/2" X 9/16" Blue Point tappet wrenches purchased from the Snap on route truck and date stamped 1956.