Sawyer Foundry & Machine Company

Oswego, NY - This company is very difficult to track down history.  There appears to be some association with E. W. Fulton, based on some example vise models found.  They appear to have existed from the 1920s to possibly today.  They appear to be a military supplier currently for cylinder assemblies for transmissions.

They are listed in many different forms, i.e.: Sawyer Foundry Co.; Sawyer Foundry & Machine Co.; Sawyer Foundry & Machine Works; Sawyer Tool Co. 

In 1933 we find a William F. Sawyer listed under Sawyer Brass & Iron Foundry (Oswego).  Also listed in 1918 Oswego Directory with William F. and Joseph Sawyer as owners.  In 1910 the company is listed as Sawyer & Son (possibly William F. Sawyer & Son).  By the 1912 Oswego Directory publication, the name has been changed to the Sawyer Brass & Iron Foundry, listing Joseph and William F. Sawyer.  In February of 1923, the foundry caught fire.  This snippet indicates the company was founded in 1900.  In this snippet from the 1928 edition of Iron Age, they report the Otis-Sawyer Boiler & Foundry Co. will split operations of the foundry and boiler works.  The foundery operations will become the Sawyer Brass & Iron Foundry Co. and the boiler operations will become the Otis Boiler Co.  Sawyer Brass & Iron Foundry Co. fades out in the early 1940s, and is referred to as the Sawyer Foundry & Machine Works in local directories.

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