Williamson Vise Company

Bradford, PA - A 1907 edition of Domestic Engineering carries the announcement of organization of this company.  The incorporators are: S. A. Holbrook, H. E. Gaffney, and J. M. Jack.

The 8/1/1910 edition of Industrial World reports that the entire plant has been purchased by the G. M. Yost Manufacturing Co. of Meadville.  The announcement also states that the entire plant and equipment will be moved to Meadville.

We are surmising that this company was formed in order to produce the various Williamson Vise Patents.

Patent #711,607 - Vise, B. L. & E. S. Williamson (Buffalo) 10/2/1902

Patent #727,246 - Bench Vise, Benjamin L. Williamson (Buffalo) 5/5/1903

Patent #790,165 - Bench Vise, Benjamin L. Williamson (Buffalo) 5/16/1905

Patent #791,741 - Bench Vise, Eli S. Williamson (Buffalo) 6/5/1905

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Williamson advertisement from July 6, 1905 American Machinist