Tolman & Proctor // Cyrus S. Tolman & Company

Fitchburg, MA - 1840s-1850's, founded by Nathan Tolman and Sullivan G. Proctor.  Nathan's son, Cyrus S. Tolman, took over around 1850.

According to his obituary, C. S. Tolman came to Fitchburg in 1852 from New Hampshire, where he was born in 1819.  The description of an improvement in a vise screw and collar validates the statements regarding his focus on vise screws noted in his obituary.

C. S. Tolman is listed as a manufacturer of Bench Screws at Hinsdale in this 1849 publication.

Note that despite all claims, Tolman never received a patent for any of his bench screw designs.

This 1854 advertisement lists Asher Green as a partner in C. S. Tolman.  Note the advertisement next to the left, showing Asher Green as the proprietory of the Fitchburg Foundry.

C. S. Tolman was involved in many businesses, including this, Fitchburg Novelty Works and Fitchburg Manufacturing Co.

In the 1870s, there is evidence C. S. Tolman took over production of John Sherman Hoar's "off-shot" vise (New England Vise Company).  This advertisement from the 1878 Fitchburg Directory shows an advertisement for C. S. Tolman, and showing a drawing the Hoar patent vise.

The article in image 3 notes the sale of C. S. Tolman & Company in 1882.

Contradicting the above, the advertisement in image 7 from the 1897 Fitchburg City Directory shows H. C. Deane as successor to C. S. Tolman & Co.

Mr. Tolman passed away in 1913 at the age of 94 (obituary Image 4)

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1845 Advertisement.

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1897 Fitchburg City Directory

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