Curtis & Curtis Company

Bridgeport, MA - Established in May of 1882 by William D. Forbes, M. E. & Roderick P. Curtis.  In 1886, Lewis B. Curtis bought into the company and his story can be fully read here, along with detailed company history.  The biography states that the company's office was in Bridgeport, while their goods and products were produced in Providence, RI.

The 6/27/1900 edition of the Hartford Courant announces the capitalization of the company at $200,000.  Stockholders are noted as Roderick P., Lewis B., Louisa W., and Alice M. B. Curtis.

The 8/10/1909 edition of the Hartford Courant reports the death of Roderick due to injuries sustained in a auto accident at 40 years of age.  Note that this article identifies the founding of the company at 1880.

While the obituary has not yet been found, the 1/26/1939 edition of the Hartford Courant discusses the disbursment of the wealth of the late Lewis B. Curtis amongst his family and various charities.  Shortly after Lewis' passing, the company appears to have been renamed to Curtis Industries but this is not verified.

This company principally made Pipe Vises integrated with their threading machines.

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