Nye Tool & Machine Works

Chicago IL - Incorporated on 11/18/1904 with $25,000 capital by P. G. Nye (this is a newspaper typo, and should be H. G. Nye), Henry Jansen, and F. J. Kinselman.

In 1909 the Directors are noted as Harry G. and Nellie P. Nye, and Edward E. Beck.  Harry G. Nye passed away on 2/8/1933 and Harry G. Nye Jr. takes over as President at the age of 25.

In January of 1941, Nye receives an order for Dies Stocks from the U. S. Navy in the amount of $16,964.

In 1960, Galesburg Malleable Co. is listed as a subsidiary of Nye.

A 1963 article notes that Harry G. Nye (Jr.) was also a partner in Murphy & Nye (sail makers) and is President of North American Hydrofoils.

On October 1, 1963, Nye Tool & Machine was acquired by Symington Wayne Corporation.

DATAMP Patents Assigned to Nye

Not in DATAMP:

Ottar S. Lee - Patent #1,517,010 - Vise, Assigned to Nye 11/25/1924

Ottar S. Lee - Patent #1,609,953 - Pipe Vise, Assigned to Nye 12/7/1926

Ottar S. Lee - Patent #1,634,837 - Vise Stand, Assigned to Nye 7/5/1927