Excelsior Tool & Machine Works

St. Louis, MO - While the company incorporated in 1902, we find employee want ads in the local newspapers beginning in 1895.  On 5/3/1902 the company incorporated in Missouri with $75,000 in capital stock, and principals consisting of: Theodore F. Phillippi, M. B. Nolan and E. M. McDonnell.  On 3/9/1943, the company reincorporated in Delaware.  In February of 1964 the company moved out of St. Louis but we have not discovered their final disposition.

Mr. Philippi was a prolific inventor of machines.  Google results for his name.

Vintagemachinery.org Excelsior Page

DATAMP also records that Patent #496,498 - Vise, William J. Walker was manufactured by Excelsior.

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