New England Vise Company

Incorporated March 14, 1873 in West Acton, MA.  The are also listed in this 1869 exhibition roll call.  According to this report, the company was organized on January 25, 1868 by John Sherman Hoar in order to produce his patented "off shot" vise design.  See this Acton local blog about the man and his company.  Here is another link from the local blog showing a very clean example of Mr. Hoars "off shot" vise.  This newspaper article from November of 1868 notes the company employs 20 men in the manufacturing of vises. 

According to the Acton Historical Blog referred to above, John Sherman Hoar had two Partners in his patent, Charles Hastings and Nathaniel Cutler.  Also according to the referenced blog, they sold the company to a concern in Fitchburg in 1870.  This link to the Fitchburg Directory of 1878 may provide a clue as to which company took over for Hoar's patent vise production, C. S. Tolman.

According to this state report, the company was dissolved in 1892.

John Sherman Hoar Patent #55,656

Improvement / Reissue of 55,656 - Patent RE2606

John Sherman Hoar Patent #61,429

John Sherman Hoar Patent #65,081