Vanderman's Plumbing & Heating Company

Willimantic, CT. - Here is an excellent biography describing the life of William Vanderman and his business endeavors.

The company incorporated in May of 1892, and changed it's name to Vanderman Manufacturing Co., but he had been in the business since establishing his own plumbing shop in 1879.  In 1908 he established a new business in Hartford and turned it over to his 3 sons shortly thereafter.  Also in 1908, the name of the company in Hartford was changed to The Vanderman Brothers Company.  William F., Edward L., and Charles A. Vanderman are the principals. 

On or about 1900, Mr. Vanderman purchased the Gorry Foundry and endeavored to restart that business.  We believe this to be about the time vises under the Vanderman name came about.

W. Vanderman Patents from DATAMP

Not in DATAMP:

Patent #371,805 - Pipe Vise, W. Vanderman

Patent #455,136 - Pipe Vise, W. Vanderman

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Combination Pipe and Bench Vise from The Metal Worker of November, 1897.

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Here is a Vanderman's example from the Garage Journal.

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Vanderman's Catalog excerpt.

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