Jacobson Machine Mfg. Co.

Warren, PA - Based on the article seen below in image 2, Jacobson appears to have been around prior to the 20th century.  We are still researching origins.  As the below article states, Jacobson acquired the Straight Line Engine Co. in 1900. 

This article from the March, 1907 edition of Industrial Development and  Manufacturer's Record specifies that Rock Island Mfg. Co. will take over Jacobson Machine Mfg. Co. Vise production only, not the entirety of the Jacobson line.  Below is an article on a Jacobson Vise.

An article in a 1935 Warren newspaper indicates the company, formerly Jacobson Machine Mfg. Co., is now Warren Gear Manufacturing Co.  Warren Gear Mfg. Co. was incorporated May 5, 1933.  In January of 1954, the company was dissolved.

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Patent #747,433 - Vise, Jacob Jacobson (Warren, PA)

This company also manufactured many of the J. R. Long Patents (found under Prolific Vise Inventors)

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This article comes from the 5/3/1900 edition of The Evening Democrat of Warren, PA. 

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