Trenton Vise & Tool Works

Trenton, NJ (The Railroad, Telegraph, Electric and Steamship Builders' Buyers' Guide, 1897)

The 2/1/1918 edition of Rubber World published a profile on J. Howard Murray noting that he moved to Trenton in 1865 as owner of Trenton Vise & Tool Works.  The company appears to have been incorporated in New Jersey in 1868.  The incorporation papers note the following officers: J. Howard Murray, Thomas S. Murray, Daniel P. Forst, James E. Darrah and Edwin G. Stones.  Here is a good article on the company from the July 1870 edition of The Technologist.

By 1872, Hermann Boker & Co. is listed as the proprietors of Trenton Vise & Tool Works.

In an 1892 edition of Iron Age, the Van Wagoner & Williams Hardware Company announces they have taken over the Trenton Vise & Tool Works and moved all operations from Trenton to Cleveland.  Here is a good overview of the Van Wagoner company's goods from 1894, which also mentions the acquisition of Trenton Vise.

On May 4, 1897, the Trenton Vise & Tool Works charter was declared null & void.

This article from the 4/10/1905 edition of Hardware notes that Van Wagoner / Trenton Vise have been succeeded by The Columbian Hardware Company.  We have not yet found the acquisition date but it is logical to assume Columbian was formed in 1901 as a new entity taking over the business of Van Wagoner & Williams.

Pinterest photo of a Trenton Vise.

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