Saunders, D. Sons

Yonkers, NY (The Railroad, Telegraph, Electric and Steamship Builders' Buyers' Guide, 1897)

This company goes back to at least 1873 when they successfully secured a land grant to build their factory.  At that time, they are referred to as a gas fixture company.  D. Saunders' Sons was incorporated in New York in July of 1901 with $75,000 in capital stock.  Incorporators are listed as Alexander, L. M. and Ervin Saunders.  We also find patents by Andrew Saunders and assigned to D. Saunders' Sons throughout the late 1800s.

In July of 1911 it was reported that Alexander gave 27 employees whom had worked for the company for more than 20 years a total of $35,000 in memory of his recently passed brother Leslie.

In the 1932 edition of Poor's Register of Directors of the United States and Canada, William Lapham Saunders is listed as VP and Director of D. Saunders' Sons, Inc.  This is the last listing we find for the company.

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