Moore Manufacturing & Foundry Co.

Chicago, IL (The Railroad, Telegraph, Electric and Steamship Builders' Buyers' Guide, 1897)

From A History of Cleveland, Ohio, published in 1910.  The firm began sometime around 1873 in Chicago as S. H. & E. Y. Moore, dealing in wholesale hardware and iron.  This concern was founded by V. Mumford Moore's father and brother, his father being Samuel H. Moore and brother Edward Y Moore.  At some point after founding, the company reorganized as the Moore Manufacturing Company.  The company remained in Chicago until 1888, when they moved to Milwaukee and operated under the name Moore Manufacturing & Foundry Co.  We believe the company only made vises for a short period of time as Moore Manufacturing & Foundry Co. in Milwaukee.  We have found no evidence of vise production before or after this instantiation of the company.  Manufacturer listings have them making "Offset Jaw Vises" in 1890.

In 1897 the company was again moved, this time to Cleveland and reorganized as the Chisholm & Moore Manufacturing Company with V Mumford Moore as Secretary & GM.  Stewart Henry Chisholm represents the Chisholm in the company name (President).  This incarnation of the company focused heavily on chain hoists and door hangers.

Chisholm & Moore Patents from Google

V. M. Moore Vise Patents from DATAMP