Merrill Brothers

Brooklyn, NY (The Railroad, Telegraph, Electric and Steamship Builders' Buyers' Guide, 1897)

We have had difficulty finding information on this company.  We believe they existed at least back to 1883 but likely earlier.  Final disposition unknown.

We believe this company began as Chas Merrill & Sons which, due to "decreases in the value of real estate and damage by fire," failed around 1878.  Supporting this account, the 10/9/1875 edition of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports total loss of the Charles Merrill & Sons iron foundry / hardware manufactory.  At some point shortly thereafter, Manning and Edward A Merrill established Merrill Brothers, Inc.  We have found multiple patents and exhibition announcements for Merrill drop hammers.  Each of the Merrill Brothers seem to have patented many drop/trip hammers and improvements thereto.

An example of a Merrill Brothers Vise can be found on Garage Journal here.

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