Pedrick & Ayer

Philadelphia, PA - From

In 1881, Daniel W. Pedrick and Henry C. Ayer founded Pedrick & Ayer as the successor to the L. B. Flanders' Machine Works at 1025 Hamilton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. The Flanders name was discontinued around 1886. The firm incorporated as the Pedrick & Ayer Co. in 1894.

Despite the above reference, this statement in English & American Tool Builders by J. W. Rowe (1965) seems to indicate Pendrick & Ayer were making planers circa 1831-1840.

It appears Mr. Pendrick left the partnership around 1903 and briefly teamed up with H. B. Underwood. This company turns out to be H. B. Underwood & Co., which traces back to at least 1887.

A firm by the name of Pendrick & Underwood is briefly noted in the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1895.

This company may have been reorganized as Pedrick Tool & Machine Co., also of Philadelphia although notes an 1875 founding.

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