Joyce-Cridland & Co.

Dayton, OH - This text comes from History of the City of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio, Volume 1, 1909.

This company was established in 1874 by Jacob O. Joyce and T. H. Cridland, under the name of Joyce and Cridland, for the manufacture of lifting jacks, starting with one type and six sizes, and commencing operations in a small place on the third floor of W. P. Callahan's machine ship on East Third street..

The business prospered and in 1876 the company moved to a room in the John Rouzer and Company's building, on the canal, at the head of Fourth street, where some additional types of jacks were developed.

In 1879 F. I. Joyce, the son of J. O. Joyce, was admitted to partnership, and the firm name was changed to Joyce, Cridland and Company.  In 1881 the company moved to the building on the corner of Wyandotte and Shawnee streets, formerly occupied as a planing mill by Daniel Slentz.  At this place a large variety of different types and sizes of lifting jacks was developed and special machinery installed for their accurate manufacture.

In November, 1893, the business was incorporated under the name of The Joyce-Cridland Company.

In 1903, after twenty-two years on Wyandotte street, the company bought a piece of land on Lindeb avenue, south of Huffman avenue, and in March, 1904, broke ground for the building of the present plant, which was completed and occupied in April, 1905.  The present plant is a creditable monument to the spirit of growth which has from the beginning characterized The Joyce-Cridland Company......  The officers of the company are: President & Treasurer, F. J. Joyce; VP and Superintendent, Thomas H. Cridland; Secretary, George W. Liewellyn.


"Joyce" likely refers to Jacob O. Joyce Patents

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Advertisement from the 1888 edition of The Railway List