Burke, P. F.

South Boston, MA - Appears to have manufactured tools specific to the horseshoe industry including calks, nails, shoes, horseshoeing vises, etc. 

This is quoted from Illustrated Boston, the Metropolis of New England. 1889

PF. BURKE, Manufacturer of Patent Steel Toe-calks: Cold- iron Punching, Chain Links, Washers, etc.. No. 360 Dorchester Avenue, South Boston. — Among the many and varied industrial enterprises that contribute to the sum of activity in South Boston, none is more worthy of notice in this review than the well-known concern of P. F. Burke (successor to C. F. Dewick & Co.), manufacturer of patent steel toe-calks and horse- shoer's supplies, No. 360 Dorchester Avenue, whose productions are in extensive and growing demand in the trade throughout the country, owing to their general excellence.  The toe-calks manufactured hy him (which received the premium and medal at the fourteenth exhihition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, held in 1881) are articles of exceptional merit, and for the purpose intended are unequalled hy anything of the kind produced in the United States today. Thls flourishing enterprise was estahlished in 1868 by Messrs. C. F. Dewick and P. F. Burke, and under the firm name of C. F. Dewick & Co., was conducted up to 1886, when Mr Burke (who is the inventor of the toe-calk) assumed sole control, and has since continued the business alone with uninterrupted success. The factory occupies a commodious two-story structure with blacksmith shop, and is completely equipped with steam power and all necessary facilities, including special machinery, while a dozen or more expert workmen are employed.  Besides patent steel toe-calks, Mr. Burke also manufactures chain links, washers, and kindred devices, while cold-iron punching is attended to likewise,— all orders receiving immediate attention ; and, altogether a very large and constantly increasing business is done. Mr. Burke, who is a comparatively young man, spent his younger days in Worcester, Mass., where he learned the machinist's art, and was a member of the Worcester County Mechanics Association.



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