Walworth Manufacturing Co.

Boston, MA - According to The Walworths of America, James J. Walworth, along with Joseph Nason established Walworth & Nason.  This company prospered until 1852, when Mr. Walworth continued the business under his own name and Mr. Nason went to NY to run the Joseph Nason & Co..  In 1872, Mr. Walworth organized the Walworth Manufacturing Co. with himself as President.  The company continued until 1962,

Here is another good JJ Walworth biography.

Walworth Vise example on Garage Journal

Trade Names and Brands from Trade Magazines:

  • Walmanco (Vises - among many other tools) (First Use 3/1/1902)
  • Klingfast (Bench & Pipe)
  • Walworth (Pipe)
  • Walworth Mfg. Co. (Bench)
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James Jones Walworth Picture from Hydraulicians in the USA 1800-2000

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Advertisement from 1917

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Mr. Joseph Nason, from the publication Valve World, Volume 1, December 1905.  Interestingly, this publication was the product of Crane Co.

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