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Trade Names and Brands from Trade Publications:

  • Oval Slide (Bench)
  • E. C. Stearns (Clamp, Hand, Saw

Edward C. Stearns Patents from Google

E. C. Stearns & Co. Assigned Patents from DATAMP

E. C. Stearns Patent #957,520 - Vise (Clamp on, Bench), Not assigned 5/10/1910 (Not in DATAMP)

George Noble Stearns Patent RE5574E

William P. Wentworth Patent #214071 - Improvement in Clamping Devices for Filing Saws - 4/8/1879 ***According to The Directory of American Toolmakers, this vise was made by E. C. Stearns & Co. and Seneca Falls Mfg. Co.***

1934 E. C. Stearns Catalog