Easton Tool & Machine Co.

Easton, PA - Chartered 10/23/1911 with $25,000 capital stock by A. E. Diefenderfer and C. L. Cohen.  This notice from the January, 1912 edition of Mill Supplies note that Easton is the result of the consolidation of 3 existing companies; Easton Tool & Machine Co., Jackson Vise & Tool Co. (Vineland, NJ), and Lippey Pattern Works.  The Iron Trade Review of December 1911 notes the officers of the newly combined entity are C. L. Somen - President, A. E. Diefenderfer - VP, R. J. Lippey - Treas., and C. J. Jackson - Sec/GM.  We find Jackson Vise & Tool Company listed as early as 1905.

They appeared, based on snippet advertisements, to market 2 vises, "the utility" and "Jackson's."  The company is identified in bankruptcy in a 10/14/1916 local newspaper.

Trade Names and Brands

C. J. Jackson also had another patent, #631,013, for a pipe vise awarded 8/15/1899.  Note that at the time of this patent Mr. Jackson resided in Erie, PA rather than N. J.  This record also references an earlier patent, #563,040, for another pipe vise.  Mr. Jackson was also awarded Canadian patent #51,964 for a vise.  Note that the text of this Canadian patent indicates it is for pipe jaws, similar to his earliest U. S. patent, and also refers to Mr. Jackson as a "United States Manufacturer."