Hunt, Helm, Ferris & Co.

Harvard, IL - According to an article from 6/27/2012 in the Northwest Herald (Woodstock, IL), Henry L. Ferris invented and patented a hay carrier in 1883.  Shortly thereafter, Charles E. Hunt and a hardware store owner Nathan B Helm became business partners and worked out of the basement of Helm's hardware store.  In 1888, they built a larger manufacturing facility on Front St, followed by additional buildings alongside the nearby railroad.  The company was incorporated in 1902.  The company was principally focused on farm equipment and produced more than 50 products and obtained more than 250 patents.  They apparently earned an even greater reputation manufacturing toys.  This article also states the company changed it's name to Starline in 1931.  Notice the 3rd name "Ferris."  Believe it or not, Ferris wheel.

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