Union Vise Company

Hyde Park, NY / Boston, MA - The Union Vise Company was first incorporated on February 4, 1867 at 61 Water St. in Boston, MA.  According to this article, A. H. Brainard invented a vise (Patent 45,693) in 1865 which spurred the company's success.  However, if we refer to our article on Early Vise Makers, an advertisement from 1865 for Henry N. Stone's shop, it states that Mr. Stone manufactures "Brainard's Patent Vises."  This article from the 2/2/1899 edition of Iron Age notes that Mr. Brainard originally invented his famous milling machine in order as a better way to face off the jaws of his vises.

Advertisements in 1869 from various newspapers indicate G. H. Nott was President.

In the winter of 1870, in order to shift focus to their milling machine, the vise business was sold to the Backus Vise Company of Millers Falls, which was acquired by Millers Falls Co. shortly thereafter.  It is listed in the MA list of dissolved corporations in 1892.  G. H. Nott is President.

This company appears to have been reorganized as the Brainard Milling Machine Co. and the Brecker-Brainard Milling Machine Company in 1899.  It appears that in early 1899 the Brainard Milling Machine Co. merged with the John Brecker Manufacturing Co. according to the April, 1899 edition of Machinery.  This article notes the invention of Brainard's vise in 1861.

Nice article in the Hyde Park Historical Record from 1905.

A. H. Brainard Patents from DATAMP

Union Vise Company Patents from DATAMP

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This advertisement is from the Lawrence Daily Journal, (Lawrence, KS) 3/9/1869.

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Here is an advertisement from the NH Business Directory of 1868.  Note that the address is now 30 Water St.

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Amos Brainard ca. 1902

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