Fulton Iron & Engine Works

This company appears to have begun as Wayne & Robinson.  The earliest reference we can find for Wayne & Robinson is in the Detroit Free Press, 8/23/1862 edition.

They changed their name from Fulton Iron Works to Fulton Iron & Engine Works in November, 1867.  Culling through the newspapers shows the same EXACT advertisements running since 1857.  On October 29th 1867 they are Fulton Iron Works and on November 17th their name is changed. 

10/27/1867 - Detroit Free Press - J. B. Wayne announces that the company of Wayne & Robinson is hereby dissolved and will conduct business at the Fulton Iron Works.

In 1883 it is reported that Wayne owns 2400 shares in the co., Newberry and McMillan own 1200 each.  FYI that Newberry and McMillan seem to simply be investors.  They own TONS of stock on scores of very large companies.

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