Bignall & Keeler Mfg. Co.

Edwardsville, IL - In 1884, Moses C. Bignall patented his first pipe thread and cutting machine, patent #309374.  This patent was assigned to Whitman Agricultural Co. of St. Louis, MO.  The earliest reference we can locate is for January of 1886 in the St. Louis Dispatch, where the Bignall & Keeler Co. donates unneeded machinery. 

Could possibly have been Bignall & Ostrander beginning in 1878, and M. C. Bignall & Co. prior to 1878, both in St. Louis.

In 1896 Bignall & Keeler released their Catalog #13.  We may infer, based on catalog numbing, a corporate formation around 1883, which meshes with the timeline established above.

November, 1909 article on the Bignall & Keeler pipe threading & cutting machine from American Machinist Magazine.

By at least 1929, Bignall & Keeler is a division of the N. O. Nelson Manufacturing Co. of Edwardsville, IL.

By 1950, they are listed as a division of the John Ramming Machine Co. and referred to as Bignall & Keeler Machine Works.

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Courtesy the Ottowa Free Trader, Ottowa, IL April 15, 1876

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Courtesy of The Parsons Eclipse - Parsons, KS - 10/31/1878