Cheney Anvil & Vise Company

The 5/15/1881 edition of the Detroit Free Press published an announcement noting articles of incorporation have been filed for Cheney Anvil & Vise Co. with $30,000 in capital stock.  Incorporators are: Armilla A. Cheney; James W. Cheney; George W. Moore (Detroit Lawyer).

It appears that prior to their vise and anvil business, the Cheney family ran a Millinary carrying ladies goods.  First under the name of James' father, Ebenezer as E. Cheney & Co., then as in around 1875, it reorganized as Ford, Cheney & Co., then in September of 1877 reorganized again as E & J. W. Cheney, which filed for bankrupcy protection in March of 1878.

By September of 1895, it appears the Cheney Anvil & Vise products are now being manufactured by The Fulton Iron & Engine Works. (McMillan (2), DeGraff, Conklin)

James W. Cheney Patents from Google

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