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Charles S. Bonney was a very active inventor. Beginning in 1868 with his invention and patenting of a "Thill Coupler," Charles went on to produce many innovative inventions.

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Patent 76984 is the earliest patent known for Charles S. Bonney. This invention, a Thill Coupling, is intended to be fastened to a carriage axle to prevent bolts / screws from loosening from use.

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Patents 105896 and RE7689 are Improvements in Hollow Auger. The "Assignee" for patent RE7689 is Lloyd, Supplee & Walton of Philadelphia, PA and the manufacturer is listed as "unknown." However, an example has recently been found that is stamped "Bonneys" and leads us to believe it was produced by the newly formed Bonney company. This newly found example can be viewed here. Patent 105896: Granted: Aug. 02, 1870 || Reissue Information: Reissued as RE7,689 (May 22, 1877) Patent RE7689: Applied: Mar. 12, 1877 || Granted: May 22, 1877 Earlier patents for similar Hollow Augers upon which this design is intended to be an improvement include: Patent #5487

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In 1873, C.S. Bonney was awarded another patent for improving clamps. Patent #135882 is described as " make a double or crotched prong-clamp for holding both level surfaces, miter, and other angles together, and at the same time be more quickly and be more easily adjusted than ordinary clamps." The product described in this patent is listed in as "Not known to have been produced" and no examples are known.

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Patent #135883 is for an improvement is saw sharpening vises. This patent has no assignee in the record, nor is it known to have been produced. Granted: Feb. 18, 1873

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Patent #357306 is for a design for a pipe vise. This patent has no assignee in the record, nor is it known to have been produced. Applied: Apr. 26, 1886 || Granted: Feb. 08, 1887

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Patent #721660 is for a design for a pipe wrench with an integrated pipe cutter. This patent has no assignee listed and was manufactured by the Bonney Vise and Tool Works. Applied: Jun. 23, 1902 || Granted: Mar. 03, 1903

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Patent #726794 is simply entitled "Pliers." These pliers described purpose is " An essential feature is the provision of a tool of the character aforesaid which will firmly grip different sized and shaped objects, so as to prevent slipping. A further purpose of the invention is to combine with a tool of the aforementioned type a cutting attachment of novel formation for severing wire, cutting nails, and 3113.10: gous articles usually part-ed by cutting nippers and pliers." This patent has no assignee and the manufacturer is listed as Bonney Forge and Tool Works. Applied: Aug. 13, 1902 || Granted: Apr. 28, 1903

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Patent #767,199 is for a Pipe style wrench incorporating a pipe cutter wheel. No real life examples of this are available. Link to USPTO patent file.


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Looking at the patenter, assignee, and manufacturer on the patent record referenced, how does Bonney tie in regarding Cam-Loc wrenches?