Klein, M. & Sons

Klein Tools is said to have started in 1857.  Here is the link to the Klein website history page.

Klein, M & Sons (New York, NY)

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • XELA (Knives, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Shovels, etc.) (First Use 1/15/1910

  • Klein Koat (Pliers)
  • Klein-Kord (Pliers) (First use 5/5/1933)

  • Klein-Lok (Linesmen's Pliers) (First use 12/8/1933)

  • Klein Line (Pliers)
  • Grip-It (Chain & Strap Wrenches)
  • Goehst Insulation Cutters (Pliers/wire insulation slitter)
  • Klein Chicago, USA (Pliers) (First Use 2/11/1950)


Plombob's picture

Klein tools are primarily made for the electrician and linesman. They are well made, to stand up to the hard work that these tools will do. These needle nose pliers have an unusual opening, perhaps a crimper, in the head. If someone knows the purpose of this feature, please let us know.