Modern Day Research

Here is a link to The Hand Tool Institute which lists modern day tool makers (mostly USA manufacturers), their products and sources.

Apex Tool Group

Link to Apex website listing brands currently under their umbrella.

Dresser Industries

Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

  • Dresser (Wrenches) (First Use 1905 "by applicant and its predecessors")

Ideal Industries

Link to Ideal website listing brands currently under their umbrella.

Triangle Tool

In the summer of 1967, Frederic Malek (the famed political consultant), along with a couple other partner investors, purchased the Utica Tool Co. from Kelsey-Hayes for $9M.  Warren L. Batts also attended Harvard Business with Malek, co-founded Triangle, and was President & CEO of Triangle Corp. from it's founding in 1967 until early 1973.  While not specified in this rather lengthy article from The Journal News (White Plains, NY) of 1/14/1971, the sale of Utica to Malek and Batts in 1967 included all companies under the Kelsey-Hayes Tool division umbrella.  Within a year, Malek renamed Utica to Triangle Corp.  The article explains that beginning in 1968, the partners set out to take over the tool manufacturing world and consolidate it under Triangle Corp.  In April of '68 they bought The Century Tool Co. of Philadelphia, Park Manufacturing and J. E. Industrial Moulding Inc. of Chicago in August, and in December of '68 they went public and acquired Torque Controls Inc. of Los Angeles.  Malek left the company in April of 1969 to begin his career in the Federal Government.

In July of 1977, Vermont American tendered an offer to buy out Triangle Corp. but stockholders later rejected the offer.

We found evidence of Triangle Corp. purchasing Diamond in 1981.

In 1983, Cooper Industries took over all tool manufacturing interests of Triangle Corp.  The disposition of Triangle after 1983 is unknown.

Crescent Niagara

In 1960, a group of investors acquired the Crescent Tool Co. and reorganized as the Crescent Niagra group.  This 12/22/1960 article lays out the acquisition as related by Marvin L. Peterson, President of Crescent Tool Co.

On 26 September, 1962, the plans to acquire the hand tool business (only) of Billings and Spencer is announced.  Related, Billings & Spencer sold it's drop forging operation to Moore Drop Forge effective January 2, 1963.

The Preservation Ready website reports that in 1963, Mr. Barcalo passed away at the age of 93 and the hand tool division of Barcalo Manufacturing was sold to Crescent Niagara.  The sale is reported in this 1963 edition of Industry Week.

In October of 1968, Crescent Niagara was acquired by Cooper Industries.

Cooper Industries

On March 19, 1929, the merger of the Bessemer Gas Engine Co. and the C. & G. Cooper Co. is announced.  The new company became Cooper-Bessemer.  This event sets off an acquisition spree the likes of which the tool world has never seen before.  They did not focus on tool manufacturers only and while we will list what we find, we will highlight and focus on the tool industry.

Quick Resources:

On 12/10/1965, Cooper-Bessemer was renamed to Cooper Industries.

Cooper Industries Acquisitions:

  • Ken-Tool - 7/27/66
  • Lufkin - 10/30/67
  • Waukesha Motor Co. - 7/26/67
  • Crescent - Niagra (which included Barcalo, Crescent, and Billings) - 10/68
  • Rotor Tool Co.
  • Ajax Iron Works
  • PA Pump Compressor Co.
  • Weller Electric Corp - 12/24/69
  • Dallas Airmotive - 6/17/70
  • Nicholson File 10/30/72
  • White Superior Division of White Motor - 6/6/76
  • J Wiss & Sons - 10/6/76
  • Danco
  • Gardner-Denver - 1/23/79
  • Advance Controls
  • Crouse-Hinds - 11/27/80
  • Kirsch Co. - 12/80
  • Westinghouse (indoor lighting business arm) - 10/1/82
  • McGraw-Edison - 6/4/84
  • Joy Technologies (Molded rubber products division) 9/87
  • Moog Automotive Group - 9/92
  • Joy Technologies (Industrial Compressor Division) - 12/87
  • Dubilier Industries (England) - 3/88
  • RTE Corp. - 5/88
  • Champion Spark Plugs Co. - 2/89
  • Dual-Lite Inc. 9/89
  • Rockwell (Industrial Tools Division) - 5/90
  • Wagner Brake
  • Wagner Lighting
  • Hawker Fusegear Group (England) 7/93
  • Triangle Tool (Including Utica, Erem, Diamond, and Bonney) - 8/83

Sales by Cooper Industries:

  • Ken-Tool to Warren Tool Corp - 4/2/74
  • Cooper Airmotive - 12/81
  • Onan Corp. to Cummins Engine Co. - 1/86
  • Funk Engineering to Deere & Co. - 5/89
  • Sharon Manufacturing to Walbro Corp. - 2/90