Diamond Calk & Horsehoe

Just prior to founding Diamond Calk, Otto Swanstrom was the Superintendent of the Giant Grip Horse Shoe Company.  It appears the company and Mr. Swanstrom had a falling out at some point as the 3/6/1908 edition of The Little Falls Herald reports Mr. Swanstrom winning a lawsuit against the company.

Diamond Calk Horseshoe Co. (Duluth, MN)

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Diamalloy (letters in arch) - (Tin Snips, pullers)

  • Diamond (with double triangle) - (Wrenches, Pliers) (First Use "Latter part of 1920)

  • Diamond (with triangle) - (Wrenches) (First Use 1919)

Contract Production for:

  • Plomb Tool (Adjustables)
  • Sears - Craftsman (Adjustables)
  • Sears - Fulton (Adjustables)
  • Sears - Merit (Adjustables)
  • Snap-On (Adjustables)
  • S-K (Adjustables)
  • MAC (Adjustables)
  • MATCO (Adjustables)
  • Kelley-How-Thomson (K.H.T.) Company (Adjustables)
  • Montgomery Wards - Master Quality (Adjustables)
  • Blue-Point (Pliers)

Diamond Calk & Horseshoe Patents

Otto Swanstrom (Founder) Patents