Coes Wrench Company

Worcester, MA - According to his obituary, Loring Coes invented his first wrench in 1828.  His first patent however is dated 1941. 

The merger of the L. Coes & Co. and A. G. Coes & Co., forming the Coes Wrench Company, is announced in the 8/2/1888 edition of Iron Age.

At some point in the early 1900s, Coes was acquired by Bemis & Call.  On 2/28/1939 the acquisition of the wrench lines of Bemis & Call and Coes by Billings & Spencer is announced.  It was also reported that Bemis & Call would continue manufacturing locks resulting from their acquisition of the Sesamee Lock Co. of Hartford a few months prior.

Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

  • COES - Block Text (Wrenches) (First Use 1873 by Predecessor L. Coes Co.)
  • Micro-Ground (Machine Blades or Knives) (First Use May, 1895 by Loring Coes & Company)

  • MICRO-GROUND (Knives & Cutters for Cutting and Shearing Machines) (First Use December, 1896 by Loring Coes & Co.)

  • MICRO-GROUND (Machine Knives consisting of flat or plate blades with square, concave, or beveled edges) (First Use December, 1896)

  • "Knife-Handle" - Hyphenated with underscore, Block Text (Adjustable Screw Wrenches) (First Use 2/1885 by Predecessor L. Coes & Co.)
  • Hammer Handle - (Adjustable Screw-Wrenches) (First Use 8/1/1904)

  • 91 - text inside a Star (Adjustable Screw Wrenches, including a style of such wrenches constructed entirely of steel) (See page 238 of Link)

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