Portsmouth Wrench Co.


Portsmouth Wrench Company (South Elliot, ME) - Organized March 24, 1884 C. E. Cushing - Pres.  This 1899 edition of Illustrated Boston includes a short biography on Mr. Cushing.  This company's final disposition is unknown although the wrench was sold in the catalogs mentioned below until at least 1908.

According to an announcement in American Machinist 4/26/1884, the Always Ready Wrench company was "reorganized" in Elliot, ME.  We believe this to be the same entity as the Portsmouth Wrench Company.  Of note is that this wrench was included in the 1886 Bonney Catalog.  This wrench was also sold by John H. Graham & Co., as well as featured in Chas A. Strelinger, Montgomery Ward, and Charles H. Besly & Co. hardware catalogs of the day.

A Bonney branded example of the Always Ready Wrench can be found in our Bonney Section.