Walden Research

The Incorporation of the Walden Manufacturing Co. is reported in the January 10, 1907 edition of The Iron Trade Review.  Incorporators are noted as Mssrs. Frederick F. Walden and Charles A. Shedd.  This announcement from the following week's edition of the same publication also mentions Charles M. Walden as an incorporator.  The state of MA reports the official date as 12/31/1906.

The January 1913 edition of Mill Supplies reports the Incorporation of the Walden Tool Company in Boston.  Officers mentioned are Mssrs. P. J. Kingley, F. E. Walden, and W. P. Brown.  Another interesting note is Frederick Walden's patent #912338 for a ratchet wrench does not make assignment to the Walden Mfg. Co.  Rather, it is self assigned.  Also interesting is that in March of 1908, Frederick filed for a Canadian Patent on his original ratchet design, which was awarded 1 month later.

This exhaustive article on the history and status of Walden-Worcester was published in the Accessory & Garage Journal of 1920 notes that Mr. Bellows did in fact buy out F E Walden in 1907.

The January 1918 edition of the Automobile Trade Directory carries an advertisement which still lists the company name as the Walden Mfg. Co.  It is unknown when the company formally changed their name, but by July of 1919 they were being referred to as Walden-Worcester, Inc.

Here is an interesting, albeit brief corporate history published in the October 11, 1919 edition of United States Investor.

The 1920 Citizens Directory for Worcester lists the following officers for Walden-Worcester, Inc.:

  • Lewis E. Bellows - President
  • Lyman H. Bellows - Secretary
  • Warren S Bellows - Treasurer & GM

It appears there were in fact 2 courses of action taken by Walden against Blackhawk / American Grinder.  The first, in which Walden has been reported as successful, was a filing with the USPTO for trademark infringement.  Walden argued, apparently successfully, that American Grinder's Blackhawk trademark infringed on Walden's already existing "Tomahawk" trademark.  We are still researching the patent infringement lawsuit.

The July - September issue of the Iron Age first reports the pending merger of Walden and Stevens, highlighting an upcoming stockholder vote at Walden on July 7, 1926 to ratify the plan.  Having been successfully ratified, the merger is reported in most August 1926 publications of the day.  The new company will be called Stevens Walden-Worcester.

A 1929 edition of Hardware Age announces a major reorganization and renaming of Stevens Walden-Worcester to Stevens Walden, Inc.  Officers are noted as:

  • Homer W. Bleckley - Director / Pres. & Treasurer & Receiver of Stevens Walden-Worcester, Inc.
  • George W. Fleming - Director / VP & Dir. Sales & President of Fleming Machine Co.
  • Clarence C. Dodge - Director & Manager of George F. Blake Jr. & Co.
  • Frank J. Weschler - Director and President & Treasurer of Baldwin Chain & Mfg. Co.
  • Anton W. Schneider - Director and Works Manager for Reed & Prentice Corp.