Bay State

The first record we can locate regarding this company is the patent #666202 applied for in February of 1900. Researching this company has produced some interesting information. The earliest patent for Bay State Tools is #666202 for a ratchet wrench, Applied: Feb. 10, 1900 - Granted: Jan. 15, 1901 and submitted by Mr. Peter Lord. Except for a single example, all subsequent patents were submitted and granted to Frederick Walden, later of the Walden Manufacturing Company. Subsequent to Frederick Walden starting Walden Manufacturing, no further patent activity exists for Bay State.

Charles H. Thurston - Patent #780,586 - Wire Fabric, Assigned to Bay State Tool Co.

Frederick E. Walden - Patent #761,798 - Wrench or the Like, Assigned to Bay State Tool Co.

Bay State Tool Co. Assigned Patents from Google Patents.