Bonney Corporate Timeline

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I've assembled some rough dates for the different Bonney box logos from looking at catalogs, display racks, and boxes for sale on ebay and elsewhere. Alot of the time the copyright date was either visible or stated in the ad. I compiled what I saw - unfortunately I don't have pictures of those logos - and the following is the results.

1919 to 1926
Bonney Shield logo. Top third is blue background, bottom 2/3's is orange background, Bonney in white letters

1930? - 1946
Bonney Oval logo. Bonney in black letters on orange background surrounded by black band with various tool outlines in it

1947 - 1957 (at least), perhaps as late as 1963
Bonney Ellipse logo. Bonney in red ltters on white background surrounded by red and black checkerboard pattern in an oval

1963 - 1967
Bonney rectangular logo. Bonney in white letters, background was half read and half black.

Triangle Tools era begins Logo is a lobed triangular shape, usually containing Utica and/or Bonney

1970 - 1973 (at least)
Bonney in white letters on red rectangular background

1978 Bonney in white letters on black rectangular background

1981 Bonney in red letters on white background surrounded by black rectangle

1986, 1991 Bonney in half red, half black lettering on white background surrounded by red rectangle.

Took the liberty of driving by the plant today and took a couple of pics. There are several other businesses in these buildings now but the sign is still on the building.

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I go through that area often and have been meaning to go by and do this very thing!!!  Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!  A very welcome addition to the site!  I'll add them in the appropriate section.