Bonney Refrigeration Tools


A set I've put together


Featuring the spring-loaded roller pins for engaging the flats of the fastener.

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Picked up another of the old style double flare wrenches the other day. Figured it was time for a family pic and making some guesses as to manufacture specifics.
From top to bottom:
RF55 Bonney USA 1 1/8" x 7/8" date code I O = Sep 1951
RF55 Bonney 1 1/8" x 7/8" A X = Jan 1946
RF54 Bonney 1" x 3/4" D W = Apr 1945
RF54 Bonney USA 1" x 3/4" no date code
RF54A Bonney USA 7/8" x 3/4" C P = Mar 1952

I surmise the undated RF54 is a later tool - probably late 60's. I.e. After the date codes were eliminated but before Loc-Rite was incorporated on tools (around 1970). The sizes being forged in instead of being raised also points to a new forging, and the thick chrome plating only adds to my assumption.
Furthermore, The "USA" following "BONNEY" appears to be a post war change. There were some significant changes with Bonney in logos and looks during 1947-48, which coincides with the date codes starting another cycle. Since I only have the 5 tools, it's impossible to be dogmatic. But, that does appear to line-up with what I have. Would appreciate anybody with flare wrenches with different date codes to post pics. Maybe we can nail down better years.

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