Firestone Tools

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This is a Firestone branded 1/2" drive socket set. The unmistakable "pebble background" is a dead giveaway that these tools are produced by Plomb.

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This is a 1/2" drive Firestone ratchet from the above set along with another showing opposite sides.

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This is the 1/2" drive 1" 12pt. socket from the set above. It is stamped with the identification number 222.

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This is a 3/4 Firestone combination wrench. We see no similarities with Plomb / Proto Wrenches. Something of note however is that a Williams produced 3/4 combination wrench of the same era bears the identification number 1166, just as this Firestone Wrench.

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Firestone 3/8" Drive Set

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Firestone 1/4" Drive Set

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As if any more proof were needed to prove these socket tools were made by Plomb/Proto, here is a ratchet contributed by Plombob that has the Firestone design, but a Proto faceplate. Notice the WF number on the faceplate. A very interesting tool.

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