New Catalog Effort - Bonney Set Review


You can find this view/tool here.  Today we began the tedious task of inventorying all tool sets, kits, and displays ever offered by Bonney.  We have made it up through 1934 so far, and for some sets as far as 1941, but will keep you updated as we progress.  There are a lot of sets to get documented as it appears Bonney "renumbered" the majority of their sets right around 1940 and we hadn't anticipated that.  We are looking into ways to capture the fact that the set is the same as previous (same contents), but the set identifier has changed.  The intent is to eventually complete this task for all major manufacturers.  It takes a long time to work through this information, and key catalogs are sometimes scarce and/or missing.  With this information documented, users will be able to:

  1. Determine what tools should be in a found kit/box;
  2. Determine what sets/kits your newly found tool belongs in;
  3. Determine when your set was offered;
  4. In some cases, determine what color your kit's box should be;