Kenosha, WI - According to a 50th anniversary newspaper article, Joseph Johnson and Bill Seidemann worked for American Grinder Mfg. Co. when they came up with the idea for their interchangeable sockets.  American Grinder was launching Blackhawk at the time and wasn't interested in Mr. Johnson's idea.

An article published March 26, 1921 notes Newton Tarble as VP of Snap-On, and a member of both the Motor Tool Specialty Co. and Palmer Tarble Sales Company.  Side Note: Mr. Tarble, prior to entering WWI, was an often scouted baseball pitcher and turned down many professional offers in order to engage in the business world.

Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

  • List of all Snap-On owned Trademarks as of 1/3/1904
  • ​Undocumented in TSDR TM #147,515 (10/18/1921)
  • Undocumented in TSDR TM #290,329
  • GRIPPER (Screwdrivers) (First Use 4/17/1923)
  • MECHANIKIT - Registered by Motor Tool Specialties (Toolboxes for Mechanics) (First Use 5/2/1924)
  • FERRET (Socket Wrench Tools, Screwdrivers) (First Use 8/5/1926)
  • Par-V (Wrenches, Chisels, Socket Sets, Screwdrivers) (First Use 2/2/1931)
  • Blue-Point Supreme (Wrenches, Wrench Handles, Chisels, etc.) (First Use 1/24/1934)
  • SENIOR (Hand Tools) (First Use 4/23/1923)
  • DWARF (Hand Tools) (First Use 3/1/1929)
  • JUNIOR (Hand Tools) (First Use 5/1/1927)
  • SUPREME (Hand Tools) (First Use 1/24/1934)
  • MechaniChest (Hand Tools) (First Use 6/1/1933)
  • Torqometer (Torque Wrenches) (First Use 11/20/1937)
  • The Tool Box (First Use 4/3/1953)
  • HYDRA-RAM (Hydraulic Power Units) (First Use 4/1/1939)
  • OCTO-GRIP (Wrenches, Screwdrivers & Hand Turning Tools) (First Use 12/22/1938)
  • Hydra-Pak (Mechanical & Hydraulic Jacks) (First Use 12/3/1941)
  • Wedge-Grip (Open End & Socket Wrenches) (First Use 2/10/1953)
  • Vacuum Grip (All Pliers, Chisels, Punches, Screwdrivers (First Use from TM Renewal says June, 1932; First Use from Original Forged Steel Products TM says 6/1/1920) (See Forged Steel Products Page)
  • Par-X (Hand Tools) (First Use 4/19/1961)