S-K 2-Letter Code Study Kick Off


Today, 12/20 we have begun organizing for a study designed to determine the S-K codes.  Over the next few days we will be uploading tools possessing the 2-letter codes (some have 3 letters, some have 4 letters, and some have 5 letters) beginning with around 80 combination wrenches, then moving to DOE and DBE examples, then ratchets.  Hopefully we can figure this long unsolved mystery out!

Here is a link to the study view which will show current upload status, sorted by the 2-letter code.  As we upload more tools the view will grow.

12/30/2015 Update:  In consideration of the examples uploaded thus far, we can make a few observations.  First, it appears the date coding system originated with Lectrolite.  Lectrolite - Tru-Fit wrenches from before the S-K partnership contain forged single letter codes.  Examples from the S-K / Lectrolite partnership era also contain these single letter codes, and retain them into the S-K Wayne era.  At some point in the S-K Wayne era, the codes changed to a 2 letter system for wrenches. Early ratchets in the S-K Wayne era had a forged single number code, and at some point in the Wayne era, switched to a 2 number system.  Based on current examples, during the Dresser era the marking system transitioned to a 2 letter code for both wrenches and ratchets.  We are still searching for "silver-bullet" tools that can be definitively dated (like patent pending stamped, etc.) that bear codes.  Without these examples, it is difficult to pin down start and end points in order to break the code. 

In a significantly related and somewhat confusing note, S-K acknowledges that these codes do in fact represent a date coding scheme, but holds the codes as "company proprietary" for some unknown reason and will not release the "key" to the public.