Williams Needlenose Pliers with Cutter

The model number is not legible on this set.  Each handle has a number-triangle stamp on this set.  On one side, 7 triangle and on the other 1 triangle.  For the time being, we are going with Utica DF as the manufacturer of these pliers.

Overall Length: 
Full Plier Image: 
Close-up of Jaws: 
Additional Stampings: 
Handle / Grip Pattern: 
Plier Brand: 


The joint configuration, name etching, triangle mark  and handles suggest Utica

Todd Werts's picture

Between Williams and Utica?  I agree, and have Bonney/Utica pliers that look identical, just didn't realize Williams outsourced much of anything.....so I'm guessing Triangle Tool era Utica?

I am not sure that williams did much in the way of pliers.