Bonney B21 Snap Ring Pliers

These pliers have both a 5V code and a 6V code, present on opposite handles.

Overall Length: 
Full Plier Image: 
Close-up of Jaws: 
Additional Stampings: 
Handle / Grip Pattern: 
Plier Brand: 
Date Code: 
Plier Manufacturing Date Range: 
Monday, November 30, 2015 - 19:00



If I'm not mistaken that's a Utica grip pattern on these pliers and I would think these are Utica Mfd as (and Im going from memory here)I don't think bonney made their own pliers unless it was very early on.


Todd Werts's picture

Hmmm.  What do you think about those codes?  5V / 6V

Not a clue

 Just a wag but may be batch numbers or die numbers as in matching sets.



can i jump n here?  i have a pair of utica's that are identical, so i concur with bill that those bonney's are utica made. no clue on the date code but possibly after both companies were aquired by triangle? and for reference mine have a 7 forged in the handle.